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We had a wonderful experience participating in the Terra Madre conference. It is a project conceived by Slow Food as a result of its growth and development and its conviction that “eating is an agricultural act and producing is a gastronomic act.”

Since Slow Food was founded, the importance of protecting and supporting small-scale producers has become increasingly clear. Terra Madre was born to give them voice and visibility, to raise awareness of the true value of their work, and provide them with the tools needed to be able to work in better conditions.

The Terra Madre network was launched in 2004 during its inaugural meeting in Turin. Almost immediately, it took Slow Food to places it had never been before, including many African, Latin American, and Asian countries. In fact, much of the active work that Slow Food carries out today would not have been possible for the network. Driven by personal knowledge and experiences, it brings inspiration, ideas, issues, and a personal touch.

The role of the Slow Food association is also fundamental. This is thanks to the dynamism of its members around the world, the international media interest it attracts and, more generally, the new awareness it creates through its activities. It is also able to quickly generate contracts, relationships, opportunities and visibility.

In 2012, the Terra Madre network became stronger. The number of local projects multiplied and the fifth international gathering was held in October, with closer and more visible integration with Salone del Gusto. This closer collaboration was also one of the cornerstones of the sixth International Congress. Here, the delegates no longer reflected the official structure of the Slow Food association but instead represented the extensive presence of the Slow Food and Terra Madre network around the world.

Advantages Of Joining The Program

At Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2020 we’ll imagine a variety of potential future scenarios, and to exert our influence now – because we’re running out of time – on which kind of future lies ahead.

We want to try and do this with the contribution of everyone. In our journey towards April 2021, we’ll ask you to take part in a number of ways, by participating in events, surveys and challenges. And we’ll try to understand where we’re going and to identify the corrective action needed to ensure a better future.


How is it possible to feed the planet guaranteeing good, clean and fair food for all? What can we do to reverse a development model that creates social and environmental disasters, eroding our natural capital? Slow Food maintains that the only way forward is through the promotion of biodiversity in all its forms: from invisible bacteria to the largest species, as well as the diversity of human knowledge and cultures. This mission is timelier and more urgent than ever.


Terra Madre is a free and fluid network, spread across 150 countries. Though adapted to local contexts, the network tackles similar problems across the globe, coming up with surprisingly analogous solutions.


The Terra Madre network is made up of farmers, fishers, food producers and cooks who with their vision and knowledge work to promote new gastronomy. We met a lot interesting farmers and had great conversations with them.


Terra Madre is a project conceived by Slow Food as a result of its growth and development and its conviction that “eating is an agricultural act and producing is a gastronomic act.”

Since 2009, each year on Slow Food’s anniversary, December 10, food communities and Slow Food communities all around the world celebrate local eating, agricultural biodiversity and sustainable food production. Celebrations take shape with hundreds of events ranging from collective meals, fundraisers, community festivals, protests, workshops for children, excursions to producers, and much more. It’s our way of demonstrating diversity and Slow Food’s philosophy of good, clean and fair food to communities, the media and decision makers. 

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