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Buy products for the lower prices!

Supply & Cost Optimization

Goods directly from the first hands, lower prices and fast delivery!

Why to order products on Batata?

To successfully develop a catering business, you need to spend a lot of time for searching, buying and delivering products. Our solution allows this process to be shortened dramatically. Here you spend lest time to find and purchase goods and of course no need to leave your premises because orders will be delivered fast and at your door.


Select from variety of products and producers, find prices that match your needs

Cost Optimization

Reduce the prices by buying goods directly from suppliers at lower prices than in grocery stores

Fast Delivery

No need to stand in the line, because from now orders will be delivered at your business door

Only top quality products!

Purchase only fresh and high-quality products. Assure your clients that dishes are been made of local farmers’ production. Increase the number of visitors who will tend to come back again and again!

Tired of spending a lot of time shopping?

We understand you and Batatas solution will help you to save a lot of time and cost. Do what you do best – make the perfect dishes. Leave shopping and logistics for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we expect to buy products cheaper?
Yes, this platform is created to connect you and farmers or SME’s (small and medium enterprises) that will guaranty the lowest prices in the market.
Do we have to collect products on our own?
No, products will be delivered to the address you provide.
How much we will have to pay for delivery?
It depends on the size of the order, but normally it can be from 39 DKK to 59 DKK or even 0 DKK.
What if the delivered products will be damaged or outdated?
We only work with high-end suppliers, so the likelihood of such a scenario is very low. But if that happened, the farmer would provide an additional delivery with a cost of 0 DKK.

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