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Increase revenues by up to 50%

Sales & Production Optimization

Why you have to start working with us?

We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs who want to help farmers and small business to reach more clients. Sell directly to consumers! Don’t worry about deliveries, packaging, marketing, digitalization and many other factors! Focus on what you know best – grow and produce top quality products and the rest leave to us. 

Smart Monitoring

Follow your orders, sales and products in one place

All Products

Sell all products that you can grow or produce

Higher Returns

Increase revenue from 30% to 50%

 How you will reach more customers?

Sales to Households

What you need to do to start selling? You have to upload pictures of products, set prices, indicate what quantity you willing to sell and then just wait for the orders. All marketing, packaging and delivering will be handled by our team members.

Sales to Businesses

The sales to businesses will be carried out in the marketplace. Here you will act as a broker. You will be able to compare prices of other farmers and grocery shops. Our smart data analysis tools will allow will allow you to adjust prices and sell as many products as you need. 


Quality Matters

As we are trying to ensure top quality service we expect the same from our partners. We want to deliver only top quality products that will encourage clients to come back again. If you think that your products are good enough to be sold on Batata’s marketplace then don’t wait and register. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a subscription fee?
No, you won’t have to pay any monthly subscriptions, but we will take a small cut from sales you’ll make.
How much we will be charged for logistics?
Total 0 DKK.
Do we need to pack all order?
No, you won’t need to do that because we will pack it for you and of course for 0 DKK.
How we will know what prices to set?
In your profile, you will see prices that are currently in the market, therefore you will know how to adjust yours.

Get In Touched!

Our team is ready to answer all your questions, call or write to us.

Email address

Phone number

+45 81 91 86 45

Office address

Seebladsgade 2, Odense, Denmark