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You may think shopping at the grocery stores and buying your food items from a local market are the same. In reality, a very big difference between the two exists. Farmer’s market has a very high economic impact on several industries out there and many businesses depend on these local markets to survive.

Let’s dive straight into some of the important factors why you should consider buying directly from farmers and not from grocery stores.

1) They offer fresher and better food items
Most people who take their health seriously, they prefer to consume fresh food that is ripe and more nutritious for better health and life.
At local farms, you can buy fresh food items that are just harvested whereas grocery stores hardly provide you with food items that are still as fresh as the local farms offer. Food items in grocery stores might have spent days, weeks, or even months and this will actually reduce the nutrients and the feel of freshness you desire.
Also, most grocery stores have to stockpile their food items so as to prevent shortage, this generally reduces the quality of food production.

2) Buying from farmers is safer and cheaper
Do you actually know the source of most food items you buy from grocery stores? I guess the answer is NO! Buying directly from farmers is the only way to know where the items you buy were sourced from and also how they were grown. This information gives you an insight into how the products are being produced which makes consuming them much safer for your health.
Similarly, buying directly from farmers is very favorable to you in terms of cost. This buying process eliminates all the middlemen involved right from collecting the products from the farm to delivering them to grocery stores. Therefore, the price of the products tends to be cheaper especially when they are bought in larger quantities. Also, the handling and time for transporting these goods are eliminated.

3) Buying from farmers promotes local businesses
Majority of local businesses, be it a small farm or a medium scale poultry farm has a major drawback which is the ability to produce goods in larger quantity like the large scale and factory-style farms.
Because of this, patronizing local farms simply means you’re boosting your country’s economy at the regional level as well as supporting and encouraging several other local businesses within the country at large.

Most local farms are typically small businesses, so patronizing them simply means helping the small businesses to grow. Whenever you purchase goods from small farms, the impact is greatly felt, as it gives these small businesses the confidence to carry on with their daily production activities which have a great impact on our economy.
Whether it is a local food market or a local service vendor, this might be the time to consider shopping locally. Doing so does not only gives you an opportunity to consume fresher foods but also buy farm produce and access better services at a cheaper rate while contributing to the growth of your country’s economy.

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